Ease of Service, Malaysian Culinary Investors Open First Branch in Jababeka

Mariaty Anggrek Kuring restaurant owner and catering from Malaysia (Photo: INDUSTRY.co.id)

Jakarta- Thanks to persistence, promotion, and service in the ease of investing in industrial estates, especially in Jababeka, it attracts investors from Malaysia, namely Anggrek Kuring restaurant and catering, which recently operated at Bizpark 6 Blok D No. 5, Jababeka Innovation Center (JIC).

This time the editor of INDUSTRY.co.id had the opportunity to chat with, Mariaty as Anggrek Kuring’s restaurant and catering director, Tuesday (07/02/2019).

What makes you interested in opening a branch in the Jababeka industrial area?

Previously we had surveyed and surveyed the neighboring areas of Cikarang, and when we arrived in Jababeka we felt the place was comfortable, green and tasteless in the field of the factories, so we went to marketing, and there we welcomed we were also taken to several units and there one that we think is right for our catering. The process is not too long in one day, and in a month, all the licensing procedures managed.

Can you tell about Anggrek Kuring restaurants and catering?

Initially, Anggrek Kuring was established in Malaysia and has established for 11 years; most of our customers from embassies include the Indonesian embassy in Malaysia and several Japanese and Korean companies. Well, why do we try to open it in Indonesia especially in Jababeka, besides because there are many expatriates both Japanese and Korean in Jababeka there are also many multinational companies, many factories, many employees and of course they need food.

Eighty percent of the factories use catering services, so we are here trying to enter to provide a new image and excellent service.

What differentiation do you offer Anggrek Kuring catering with others?

For catering, we can under request both Asian Food, Korean, Japanese food, and of course, Indonesia. The culinary business is inseparable from Citrasa, and we always prioritize delicious Citrasa, besides that we prioritize service. If there is a customer, we are always interacting on how to compare Anggrek Kuring, whether it is suitable or not, so we always receive input from the customer. That’s what we do like in Malaysia, and we already have two outlets in Puchong and Cyberjaya.

For now, how many orders accepted and which companies?

Because we are still open, of course, we have not had many orders, but with the help of the promotion of Jababeka, especially Mr. Rudy who helped promote the catering business, we already have several companies that ask to use our catering services like Bekasi Power, President University and Jababeka Marketing. For orders currently at 300 people and in the future, we hope to reach 10,000 people.

How much investment do you pour in to invest in a catering business in the Jababeka industrial area?

The initial investment for the building alone has reached Three billion Rupiah and for the food equipment, the kitchen, and the waste up to Rp. 200 million. The building area reaches 153 square meters.

What do you expect investment in Jababeka?

Well, we see a big market here, let alone see so many factories in Jababeka, employees are only one company, for example, if only a small company can 100 to 200 people, put it if ten companies use Anggrek Kuring catering services, we can stretch our legs.

Is there planning to expand to other regions?

There are many requests for our friends in Malaysia to recommend opening in the central area or the middle of the city of Jakarta.