Jababeka held ribbon embroidery training for mothers in Pasir Sari village


CIAKRANG, presidentpost – Jababeka held ribbon embroidery training for mothers in Pasir Sari village, South Cikarang sub-district, Bekasi, which held for two days from 26-27 June 2019. The training aimed to improve the knowledge and skills of mothers in the villages around the Jababeka Industrial Estate.

The training took place at the PKK Village in Pasir Sari Village and attended by 25 participants who were very enthusiastic during the program. Participants get essential equipment and equipment to embroider the ribbon that they can bring home.

Ribbon embroidery instructor, Krisniwati, was initially been one of the participants who had received similar training by Jababeka and has now opened a ribbon embroidery craft business or casino games in www.practoreio-sport.gr. “I am grateful to have participated in the training provided by Jababeka, besides getting knowledge and generating additional money for the family, now I can also share my knowledge with mothers who want to be enthusiastic about independent learning,” he said.

At the end of the training, there were awards for the three best participants who would later give further ribbon embroidery training. The Chairperson of the Pasir Sari PKK, Habibah, also welcomed the training provided by Jababeka for its citizens “Training like this is very positive and beneficial. Hopefully, the knowledge of skills gained today by participants will continue to use.”

Aris Dwi Cahyanto, Senior Manager of Jababeka Infrastruktur, “Skilled Ribbon Embroidery Class Activities is one of the elaborations of the Economic Job Program. Which aims to motivate mothers to produce a work in the midst of busy taking care of the Household which can provide additional income for he hoped in a different place to explain the Jababeka Bersahabat Economic CSR Program which indirectly creates independent employment opportunities for the surrounding community”. (Ima/TPP)