L’Oréal Indonesia: Thank You for Participating Citizen Day 10th Edition


BEKASI, presidenpost.id – L’Oréal is celebrating Citizen Day 10th Edition. It has been a decade since L’Oréal’s 100thbirthday. Ever since, all L’Oréalians worldwide commit to giving back to society in L’Oréal’s birthday, that we call Citizen Day.

Joining the hype, L’Oréal Indonesia Plant celebrates the 10th Edition of Citizen Day by doing something out of ordinary this year, helping the community of Pantai Bahagia (Joyful Beach) in Muara Gembong, Bekasi to fight against heavy abrasion.

Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry stated that Pantai Bahagia in Muara Gembong has been suffering from heavy abrasion since 2008. Their coastline has eroded for more than 3 kilometers, and their housings continuously evacuated. It is necessary to create a greenbelt by planting mangroves along the shorelines.

Mangrove tree has notable features; complex root systems that extend above and below the water line that allow mangroves to stabilize themselves and prevent erosion to the coastline, and also provide habitat, nurseries, and feeding grounds for a vast array of fish and other organisms. The land underneath the mangrove tree is deep and can contain CO2 four times more than another kind of forest. So planting mangrove trees can reduce the speed of climate change.

Celebrating Citizen Day 10th Edition, on 25 June 2019, L’Oréal Indonesia Plant donates 5.000 mangrove trees and help to plant them with local farmers. With support from 50 employees that participated in this one-day event, we carry out the big mission to grapple in the wet and muddy soil and giving these salt-tolerant trees a chance to grow.

The local community bids farewell and send us back with a memento from their village: a package of sweets and chips made of mangrove fruits and leaf. We hope the deeds we have done can restore the essence of the beach they have lost for years: The Joyful Beach. It’s a day we feel happier than the other days. It’s a day that we feel good by doing good.

Thank you, everyone, for participating, and happy Citizen Day!