Jababeka Distributes Clean Water Assistance In The Drought Area


CIKARANG, presidentpost – Jababeka distributes clean water assistance to residents affected by drought in Sirnajati village, Cibarusah Sub-district, Bekasi Regency (19/6). One of the causes of drought is the ebb and flow of water in the Cipamingkis River that occurs every year. The assistance is part of Jababeka Bersahabat (Jabat) CSR program in the Social field.

A water tank truck carrying 5,000 liters of clean water had to rotate because the inter-village connecting bridge experienced a landslide disruption, so the new aid arrived at the location at 7:30 p.m. Residents of the neighborhood immediately stormed the tanker carrying jerry cans or gallons they had to collect clean water. Clean water assistance was provided to RT 03 and RT 04 which covered 500 households.

“Jababeka became the first company to provide clean water assistance in our village,” said Iwan, a General Field village staff member, who was grateful and grateful for the clean water assistance that had given to residents. This is considered to be very helpful for residents, believing that to meet the needs of fresh water due to drought, residents are forced to take water at times, ask distant neighbors or sometimes buy refill water for IDR 5,000 / gallon.

Aris Dwi Cahyanto, Senior Manager of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur, said in a different place, “The Social Employment Program assists in procuring clean water for residents in drought-affected areas as a manifestation of the company’s concern for the community in the Bekasi district.”

“Hopefully, the help of clean water distribution will be beneficial and ease the burden of the people in Sirnajati village,” he added.