Airline Ticket Prices for Domestic Routes are Reduced


JAKARTA, presidentpost – The government, through the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation, officially decided to reduce the price of airplane tickets on domestic low-cost carriers (LCC).

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution said the decline in ticket prices was valid for flights at certain hours and did not apply as a whole.

“It has been concluded and formulated a policy of reducing flight ticket prices from LCC, not those who have not LCC levels. People are concerned about the interests of the LCC. Decrease the price of domestic LCC flight tickets for certain schedule flight schedules,” said Darmin at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. Jakarta, Thursday (6/20/2019).

Darmin said that he did not want to mention the percentage reduction and on any LCC flight schedule. He gave the authority to announce the decline in the price of airplane tickets to each LCC airline.

“What will happen next week from now. What flight will be announced by each airline,” he said.

Meanwhile, the main reason the government decided to reduce the price of airplane tickets on LCC flights was that it wanted to accommodate the wishes of the people and maintain the sustainability of the aviation industry.

“The government wants to give, respond to the expectations of the community. However, on the other hand, the government is unwilling to pay attention to the sustainability of our aviation industry,” he added.