Serang-Panimbang Toll Road Will Help Lebak to Become the Largest Industrial Area in Banten


SERANG, presidentpost – Serang-Panimbang Toll Road is predicted to have a significant impact on the economic growth of Lebak Regency. The reason is that the southern part of Banten has the opportunity to become the most significant industrial area in Banten Province.

“We believe that in the future Lebak will make an industrial area,” said former Deputy Regent of Lebak Amir Hamzah, Tuesday (05/28/2019).

The advantages of Lebak Regency make it an industrial area because it has a wealth of abundant natural resources from agricultural, plantation, mining, fishery, livestock to tourism commodities.

Also, the location is adjacent to the capital city of the state, Jakarta. So, land, sea, and air transportation is easy to access.

Another advantage, he said, is that land prices in Lebak Regency are relatively low compared to Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabotabek).

Therefore, Lebak Regency will be looked at by domestic and foreign investors to build the industrial estate.

“The presence of the industrial estate certainly can absorb thousands of jobs,” he was quoted as saying accurately.

According to him, the impact of the construction of the Serang-Panimbang toll road that crosses the Lebak Regency area will certainly free the disadvantaged space.

The development of industrial estates will develop in the Districts of Rangkasbitung, Cikulur, Cileles, Banjarsari, Malingping to penetrate the red-and-white cement factory in Bayah District.

Industrial estates will grow in the southern Pandeglang region, such as Munjul Subdistrict, Picung, Bojong to Panimbang.

Head of Spatial Division of Lebak District Public Works and Spatial Planning (DPUPR) Teguh Eko Saputro said five sub-districts in this area belong to industrial estates based on Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 02 of 2014 concerning Regional Spatial Planning (RTRW).

The industrial area covers 1,300 hectares spread across five sub-districts, including Rangkasbitung, Maja, Curugbitung, Bayah, and Cilograng.

Local governments are committed to making employment in their regions to improve community welfare also anticipate poverty.

“We hope that the industrial estate can directly afford the welfare of the community,” he said.