RI Offers Integrated Pacific Tourism Areas to New Zealand

Photo by The President Post

Auckland – Pacific Region from Indonesia to Fiji has excellent tourism potential. If Indonesia-New Zealand can promote tourism together, both can attract world tourists.

The ‘Bali Beyond Sales Mission’ program was held in Christchurch City (27/5) and Auckland (29/5) and attended by agents and agents of New Zealand tourism. The Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand, Samoa and the Kingdom of Tonga, Tantowi Yahya, explained Indonesia’s vision for tourism in the Pacific.

Integrating Pacific countries into an integrated tourism destination (One Pacific Destination) is Indonesia’s big vision for countries in the region, explained Tantowi. This idea was welcomed enthusiastically by the meeting participants because according to them, this breakthrough should have emerged since the past, and they thanked Indonesia.

“With the integration, tourists from America, Europe, China, the Middle East, and Asia who visit the region can enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Pacific as a whole because there is Indonesia in it,” explained Tantowi in the Indonesian Embassy Wellington’s release on Thursday (30/5 / 2019).

According to Tantowi, this is a challenge how will countries that have advanced tourism such as Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji want to support this idea jointly. Tantowi added that this initiative was purely from Indonesia after he and his team had a long discussion with Menpar Arief Yahya and the team at Kemenpar.

“We are assisted a lot by Mr. Arief. He is a visionary. He has the same view and vision as we are in advancing tourism in this region and east of Indonesia,” Tantowi explained.

Arief Yahya believes this is a cool idea because it has national and regional dimensions, in line with the Ministry of Tourism’s program in introducing Bali Beyond.

“Therefore, from the beginning, we supported the Pacific Exposition, where this big idea will be discussed. Indeed, this idea will not be realized in a single meeting. However, we have at least discussed this discourse,” explained Arief Yahya.

In addition to Bali, the Ministry of Tourism is currently actively promoting nine other destinations called New Bali, where 3 of them located in Eastern Indonesia, namely Wakatobi, Morotai and Labuan Bajo.

The Pacific is a region that is known to the world with the beauty of its islands, which are rich in white sand beaches, crystal-clear seas with calm waves and friendly people while New Zealand offers green pastures and farm fields that refreshing eyes and beautiful lakes.

Australia has its beauty with tranquil gardens, beaches, and seas that pamper surfers and metropolitan cities. If coupled with Labuan Bajo and Komodo in NTT, music tours in Maluku and the beauty of Raja Ampat, the Pacific will be a complete destination that is difficult for any region to match.

“That’s what we offer in the Tourism Forum as part of the 2019 Pacific Exposition which will take place in Auckland on July 11-14,” said Tantowi.

Pacific Expo is an Indonesian initiative supported by New Zealand and Australia to improve the economy, investment opportunities, and tourism promotion of countries in the Pacific. The Ministry of Tourism fully supported the first Expo, Ministry of BUMN, Ministry of Trade, Communication and Information, Ministry of Education and Culture, BKPM, Bekraf, Kadin with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the leading sector.

“Thank you to several private companies such as Astra, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, Telkomsel and several other companies that will follow who have an understanding with us, it’s time for us to play a role in the Pacific,” concluded Tantowi.(TPP)