PUMA IR President University Present Seminar “Zero Waste Lifestyle Campaign”

Seminar Zero Waste Lifestyle Campaign

CIKARANG, presidentpost.id – The President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) conducted an event which is National Seminar on Environment in Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University, Thursday (29/11).

This event invited 3 guests as a speaker from 3 organization and NGOs that concern about environmental problem. The three guests are Syir Asih Amanati, Chief Program Officer of Greeneration, David Christian, CEO of Evoware and Daniella Grace, Miss Earth Indonesia Favorite 2018. This seminar brought the theme of “Zero Waste Lifestyle Campaign”. The moderator of the seminar was Mr. Anggara Raharyo.

Opened by a remark from the Head of Study Program in International Relations of President University, Mr. Hendra Manurung S.IP., M.A., the event continued with the main agenda of the seminar. The first came from Ms. Syir Asih Amanati. Ms. Syir Asih Amanati highlighted about the youth contribution in managing waste challenge towards behavior, including how to live in the earth with healthy way and the dangerous about the plastic waste it self.

In the second phase of the seminar, the participants were given a further explanation by Ms. Daniella Grace on how youth lifestyle can contribute against plastic waste and how to protect our earth. So, plastic waste is not harmful for life, especially for animals. Then, the last session of seminar delivered by Mr. David Christian. Mr. David Christian explained about living system nowadays and how to change our behavior in order to create a better environment. Mr. David also give a further solution in circular economy. Mr. David said that “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we create them.”

The students showed a lot of enthusiasm during the seminar, most of the participant actively both asking questions and voicing opinions. At the end of the seminar, both the moderator and the speaker was given tokens of appreciation. Then the event was ended by a photo session with the participants.

The event was attended by approximately 100 students of International Relations Study Program, the Head of International Relations Study Program, Mr. Hendra Manurung S.IP., M.A., and the lecturer of International Relations Study Program, Mr. Verdinand Robertua. (Safak/TPP)