Cultural Exchange between President University and Assumption Samutprakarn School, Thailand


CIKARANG, – President University welcomed 18 delegates from Assumption Samutprakarn School Bangkok, Thailand in a cultural trip event themed “Tak Kenal maka Tak Sayang” that was held in Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University, Thursday (10/4).

Organized by the Center of  Languageand  Culture (CLC),  they  exchange the culture from each country through traditional dance performance and interactive games.

This event aimed to introduce the teachers and students from Samutprakarn School Bangkok who has interest to know Indonesia better through the program and learn directly from Indonesian. Aside from cultural performances, there were also interactive traditional games which add the festive atmosphere to the event. President University students performed Tari Tor-Tor from North Sumatra, joined by the students from Assumption Samutprakarn School.

“Hopefully through this event, we can help to introduce the culture of ASEAN countries, especially between Indonesia and Thailand,” said Yohana Manurung, the project manager of CLC 2018. (PU/TPP)