Indonesian Motorbike Production for Exports Continues to Increase


JAKARTA, – The motorcycles produced in Indonesia are not only sold in the domestic market. The motorcycle manufacturers operating their production facilities in Indonesia also export their products to various countries.

Five members of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) export their motorbike products to all over the world. In fact, the motorcycle exports in 2018 have increased.

Based on AISI data, the motorcycle exports in the January-July 2018 period totaled 313,965 units. That number rose significantly from 223,929 units in the same period in 2017.

Yamaha is the biggest exporter of the motorcycles. The manufacturer, whose brand using the tuning fork logo, exported 175,518 units of motorbike in the period of January-July 2018.

It is followed by Honda. This Japanese motorcycle manufacturer exported 87,948 units of motorcycle in the same period.

The following are the export performances of five AISI motorcycle brand members.

  1. Yamaha 175,518 units
  2. Honda 87,948 units
  3. Suzuki 22,408 units
  4. 4.TVS 21,296 units
  5. Kawasaki 6,795 units. (DTK/TPP)