Minister Arief Ensures Lombok Arises Program Run Well


MATARAM, – The Ministry of Tourism keeps monitoring the mitigation of earthquake disaster in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya will go to Lombok to ensure the recovery program of Lombok Bangkit (Lombok Arises) run according to the plan. The minister also plans to visit a number of Gili (small islands) to ensure the tourism there remains safe.

President Joko Widodo has issued Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 5 of 2018 on the Acceleration of Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in West Lombok, North Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok, Mataram City, and the other affected areas in NTB Province.

The Lombok Bangkit program is the actualization of the Inpres. The goal is to make the recovery run fast and on target.

“The Ministry of Tourism has compiled the Lombok Bangkit program, a recovery strategy for affected tourism destinations. The tourism promotion of Lombok will be carried out as usual,” Arief Yahya said on Thursday (8/30).

The minister has issued a ministerial decree on the working team for restoring Lombok tourism destinations and promotions after the earthquake. It also includes the program and budget to accommodate and support the programs for Lombok Bangkit proposed by NTB regional government and Lombok tourism industry.

“Hopefully it can spur the spirit of NTB regional government and Lombok tourism industry, as well as accelerate the recovery of affected tourism destinations,” he said.

Arief added that he has conducted disaster mitigation standard, starting from emergency response, rehabilitation and normalization. For the emergency response, the ministry has commissioned the Crisis Center Team.

The team is led by Head of Public Communication Bureau Guntur Sakti. The ministry has also coordinated with the other emergency response teams to provide tourist information and services, as well as to restore the trust in tourism industry while making recovery efforts.

In the rehabilitation stage, the minsitry has identified the tourism impacts, encouraged the holding of tourism events and cultural art performances, as well as issuing tourism publications/promotions for the destinations that are not affected. In the recovery phase, the ministry has calculated the impact of the disaster and organized international and national events as well as tourism publications and promotions.

“The potential loss of foreign tourists is around 100,000 people. Based on the ratio of tourist numbers of Bali and Lombok is 5: 1, while the disaster period in Bali is longer than Lombok with the ratio of 2: 1; if in Bali the disaster in 2017 had an impact on 1 million foreign tourists, the earthquake in Lombok had a 10% impact or about 100,000 tourists. The economic impact is estimated at US$100 million assuming 1 foreign tourist spends US$1,000 per visit,” said Minister Arief.

Meanwhile Head of West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office Lalu Faozal expressed his gratitude for the aids given by the Ministry of Tourism.

“The minister’s presence here makes us optimistic that the tourism will rise again. The minister is an endorser for us, and for Indonesian tourism,” he added. (KEMENPAR/TPP)