Drawing Batik with Foot, Ayu’s Works Valued at Rp15 million/Sheet


BOYOLALI, presidentpost.id – For creative people who have strong independent spirit, physical limitations are not obstacles. Normally, both hands have become the main capital for making batik, but Ayu Handayani can only rely on her feet for the creative process of making batik.

Understandably, the woman living in RT 01 RW 01 Sawahan Village, Ngemplak District, Boyolali Regency, is 27 years old and was born without arms and hands. Therefore, she relies on his two feet in making batik.

“With my two legs and feet, I can still work in making batik that is in great demand by the public,” she said in Boyolali, on Thursday (8/13).

Starting from a hobby of learning batik when she was in junior high school at Surakarta Handicapped Children Education Foundation (YPAC), she developed it into a business that can generate income for her family.

Even though she does not have two hands, Ayu still showed high spirit to work. With both feet, she created batik starting with drawing the patterns on a white cloth, applying the wax on the batik patterns, dipping the cloth in the color substance, until it’s ready to be marketed.

“I like to be independent and not to depend on other people. I make batik with my feet, but the results can be enjoyed by many people,” Ayu said giving the spirit of other people with disabilities to keep working.

Ayu said that she could produce three to four sheets of batik per day with the size of 2 meters in length, depending on the complexity of batik patterns. The batik patterns she made include kate mas, sejatik ati, sekar katya, and others.

According to her, the prices of her batik are between Rp2 million and Rp15 million per sheet, depending on the quality and complexity of batik patterns. She is marketing the batik cloths through exhibitions and online.

“I studied at YPAC since elementary school, then junior high school and continued high school which was graduated in 2012. Initially it was difficult to make batik, but after a long time practicing and now the results are pretty good for meeting the needs of my family,” Ayu said.

Ayu participated in the national-level exhibition at the Jakarta Covention Center (JCC) in 2012. She became the center of attention of the visitors who were amazed by her technique in drawing batik patterns using her right foot.

“I was demonstrating how to draw batik patterns using my foot. At that time, the president also visited the booth and told me not to give up, continue to work,” said Ayu. (ANT/TPP)