Infrastructure Development Creates New Economic Centers


BANYUMAS, – Rector of University of Jenderal Sudirman (Unsoed) Purwokerto, Professor Suwarto, has said that the infrastructure development implemented by the government in various regions will create new economic centers.

“I can see that in terms of equitable development, it is quite good because in some regions outside Java, the development has been improving rapidly and I think the infrastructures of road and others will grow the economy in these regions,” he said in Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, on Thursday (8/16).

According to Suwarto,  there will be no economic growth with limited infrastructure which will become an obstacle.

Therefore, he added, the acceleration of infrastructure development by the government is a good step to stimulate the economic activity anywhere.

“Only, what needs to be considered is that it must be balanced with the other sector, not in the infrastructure only. The development of human resources (HR) has also to be done in the related regions. Do not let the infrastructure is good but the human resources are still lagged behind,” said the rector.

He pointed out that HR development could be related to how to improve the capacity of local communities to develop the economy, to innovate, and to maintain the infrastructure.

According to him, these abilities must be controlled by the local people in the area so that they have a sense of ownership and are able to develop the economy.

“We are grateful to be able to help develop the infrastructure there,” said Suwarto who is also an agricultural expert.

He said that the current infrastructure development has opened up many remote areas, while the previous government prioritized development in certain regions.

“This equality (infrastructure development, ed.), I think it’s good because the economy will grow everywhere,” he added.

Suwarto further said the development of rural areas in Java, which is currently growing rapidly with the improvements in agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation and the farming roads which will accelerate the transportation of commodities so that they are more efficient and economical.

In fact, he added, the infrastructure development also supports the development of civilization and culture so that there are no more isolated areas.

“The citizens in remote areas deserve to enjoy the infrastructure development. They can see now after Indonesia independent for 73 years, finally the development begins to be evenly distributed,” he said. (ANT/TPP)