Youth Across Archipelago and Diaspora Formulate Indonesian Vision 2045


JAKARTA, – In welcoming the Indonesian independence, young people from 34 provinces and diaspora communities have formulated Indonesia’s vision 2045. These young people have been committed to carry out the youth pledge and optimistic that Indonesia would become increasingly victorious in the coming 2045.

“We affirm the historical commitment to Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia to cling to the national pillars. We are determined to continue the spirit of the 1928 Youth Pledge with Indonesia’s 2045 Vision to bring our nation to the golden age,” said Coordinator of the Indonesian Youth Association (PPI) Intan Irani in her written statement on Thursday (8/16).

Intan, representing the Indonesian Diaspora Network Global (IDGN-G) Coordinator Dino Patti Djalal, added that the vision was formulated on August 13-15, 2018 in Jakarta. Intan said that the youth hoped that Indonesia’s democracy would be better in quality with integrity and clean electoral system so that community-oriented leaders would emerge.

“We want a quality Indonesian democracy, supported by a fair and integrity electoral system, which can produce clean, accountable and weighty leaders who are people-oriented and can bring goodness and improvement to the nation and the country. Indonesia’s democratic journey to the front must strengthen the protection and fulfillment of human rights,” she said.

Intan said the vision also covers legal reforms and equality for all Indonesians before the law. “We want the 2045 generation to be able to enjoy the supremacy of the law in a pure, consistent and absolute manner that is applied indiscriminately and free of conflict of interest throughout the Republic of Indonesia. For this reason, legal reforms must be done in order to provide progressive and just law.”

According to Intan, the vision highlighted the ease of access to education and the industrial revolution, as well as the ease of digital connections for all Indonesians. “Given the digital era will continue to grow, we want that every Indonesian human being, anywhere, has digital literacy. We also want digital connectivity to be treated as part of human rights,” she said.

Intan said she hoped the generation of 2045 would be no longer burdened with the issues of separatism, poverty to malnutrition. “In 2045, we want no more Indonesian children to be stunted, no more forced labors for children and modern slavery, no more child marriage, no more illiteracy, no more hunger and malnutrition, no more underdeveloped villages, no more unresolved state boundary disputes, no deforestation, and no more illegal levies.”

For international relations, the vision 2045 wants Indonesia to apply free-active foreign policy and to make Indonesia major power Asia and global pioneer. “We aspire for Indonesia’s entry into the top five forces of world trade, in line with our economic strength in time,” Intan said. (DTK/TPP)