National Pride: Unity in Diversity

Photo: Doc.

JAKARTA, – The importance of appreciating diversity is conveyed by President Joko Widodo on various occasions. At the heart of the message, society must be able to put aside differences to achieve equality and prosperity.

In the 2018 MPR Annual Session speech on August 16, the president invited us to recall the fighters in seizing and fighting for independence. “All the nation’s children get rid of political differences, ethnic differences, religious differences or class differences just to realize an independent Indonesia,” he said.

On that occasion, the president asked all the nation’s children to return to the spirit of unity, back to the spirit of caring and sharing with others without distinguishing the origin of ethnicity, religion, race or classes. With unity, Indonesia can be a respected force in the nations of the world. The spirit of togetherness and unity must also be demonstrated by State Institutions in facing the challenges of the nation and state.

The message of diversity was again conveyed by Joko Widodo when he held a memorial service to the proclamation of Indonesian independence at the Presidential Palace, Friday, August 17. The message was manifested in the use of regional clothing for the invitees and guests. The president wore the clothes of the Tanah Bumbu area, South Kalimantan. His clothes resembled black suits, plus songket and headgear. First Lady Iriana Jokowi wears red Minang traditional clothing, complete with her headgear.

The goal of President Jokowi to hold a ceremony in traditional dress is to make aware of the diversity that exists. “Let us know, we are diverse. Because Indonesia is indeed very diverse. This is Indonesia. We know, we have hundreds of traditional clothes, “explained Joko Widodo.

The day after the independence celebration, President Joko Widodo opened the 2018 Asian Games at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Saturday, August 18. Chairman of the 2018 Asian Games (Inasgoc) Organizing Committee Erick Thohir accompanied by Olympic Council of Asia President (OCA) Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah reminded of the other values ​​of the Asian Games.

“Welcome to Indonesia, The Energy of Asia. Indonesia believes that Asia is an amazing continent, “Erick said. According to him, Asia is an amazing continent because it has the most ethnic or ethnic groups in the world. Asia is very dynamic and competitive.

Calling Asia means mentioning the diversity of the nations in it. Indeed the Asian people love harmony in their socio-culture. “For this reason we are here, to celebrate our diversity, differences, and humanity, to transmit energy from diverse nations, one energy, one harmony, the Energy of Asia,” he said. (Joko Harismoyo/TPP)