Picarro Expands Distribution Channel to Address the Semiconductor Market Segment in Taiwan and Mainland China


SANTA CLARA, presidentpost.id – Picarro Inc., a leading provider of trace gas analyzers for a variety of air monitoring applications, today announced an exciting new partnership with the highly regarded Taiwanese distributor, Challentech International Corporation, Tuesday (6/12).

The agreement involves the distribution of the SI2000 analyzer series, Picarro’s newest gas analyzers, which provide high speed real-time AMC monitoring of HF, HCl, NH3 and H2S in cleanrooms, FOUP, and FAB equipment. Through the partnership, Challentech will expand the reach of Picarro’s proven-in-use SI2000 Series gas analyzers throughout Taiwan and  mainland China.

As the demand for SI2000 Series analyzers continue to increase, Picarro has found it vital to work with strong industry partners that supply Picarro products and provide system integration and technical support for manufacturers and end customers.

Challentech has been devoted to the Semiconductor industry for decades, and with a strong sales and marketing force, and a proven track record of success in serving global customers and markets, Challentech is a highly valuable distribution partner.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Challentech for the distribution of our SI2000 Series analyzers. We are excited to increase our support of the Semiconductor market with the addition of new partners in the APAC region,” said Jean Berthold, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing.

The new distribution partnership aligns with Picarro’s global growth strategy to expand the outreach of its Semiconductor products within mainland China and Taiwan. This agreement further demonstrates both companies’ willingness to cooperate, to drive sales and build customer relationships. (PRN/TPP)