Tb Hasanuddin and Anton Charliyan

Photo: kpu.go.id

BEKASI, presidentpost.id – The vision of the pair of Tubagus Hasanuddin and Anton Charliyan who are supported by PDI Perjuangan party is to achieve the prosperous West Java people based on the natural resources and culture.

To realize that vision, the duo with abbreviation of HASANAH has five missions. First, to make West Java human resources more competitive based on the religious values and culture. Second, to accelerate the development of infrastructure based on the environmental harmony and spatial planning.

Third, to realize West Java as a national food source. Fourth, to build the centers of economic activity which are integrated and equitable. Fifth, to realize the bureaucracy with integrity, clean, and professional.

In carrying out the missions, HASANAH has set six work programs called Sawelas Asih, which includes job creation (Boga Gawe), construction, renovation and provision of cheap houses for the people (Imah Rempeg), free tuition especially for high schools/SMA (Sakola Gratis), health facilities and services (Jabar Cageur), development of tourism infrastructure and improvement in the stability of security and environment (Turkamling), as well as monitoring the performance of ASN (civil servants) through the molotot.com website.

The work programs, according to Anton Charliyan, will be implemented with Sangkuriang strategy. It means to work quickly. He likens the legend of Sangkuriang from West Java who is able to build something quickly. “In Bandung there is a legend of Sangkuriang who can complete building the lake and others in one day,” he said.

One thing still being underlined is that many West Java residents are jobless. “About 1.8 million people are unemployed. One of our flagship programs is to cut this unemployment at least to half,” said Hasanuddin.

To reduce the unemployment, especially among the youth, Kang Hasan will pay special attention to the millennial generation with the creation of a Creative Economy Center in every region of West Java. Hasan said the centers will provide training and education for the millennials to develop their creativity tailored to technological advancements.

“In that centers there will be education about creativity for young people, close to technology like online business, for example, also how to do a quick marketing,” said Hasan after having a coffee with the millennial generation at a shopping center in Bekasi on Monday (4/23). Through the development of creative centers, he wants to encourage the millennial generation to have the understanding and opportunity to be able to set up a business startup.

To deal with the problems faced by the farmers and fishermen, Kang Hasan has the Jabar Sebeuh program to protect the rights of farmers and fishermen in increasing their economic level.

“The steps to be taken in the Jabar Seubeuh program are the irrigation improvements to support the water supply to the agricultural areas, subsidizing the fertilizers and farming tools as well as providing seedlings for free. It is important that farmers do not lose money and continue to be powerless,” Kang Hasan explained the Jabar Sebeuh program for the farmers.

According to him, the fishermen, like the farmers, have been greatly servicing the society in meeting their needs of food so that the welfare of fishermen is the responsibility of the government. “I will stand at the forefront for the fishermen, I will come forward as the protector of you (fisherman), the state must be present in every issue of the people according to the Nawacita promoted by President Jokowi,” said Kang Hasan.

The HASANAH pair also promised to develop a cold storage in every TPI (fish auction center) to ensure the stabilization of fish prices. “It’s to protect the fishermen from being fooled by the speculators,” he said.

In addition, the HASANAH pair will also prioritize the access to schools and free health for the residents, as well as building and managing infrastructure and neighborhood security. (Djoko/TPP)