Sudrajat-Ahmad Syaikhu


DEPOK, – The pair of West Java governor and vice governor candidates number three is Sudrajat and Ahmad Syaikhu, abbreviated into Asyik, supported by Gerindra, PKS and PAN parties. Their vision is to create a society that is ‘religious, safe, prosperous, for all.’

That vision will be realized through the Asyik pair’s five missions of building a religious, healthy and superior West Java human beings, improving the welfare through the economic growth and equality based on populist and local potency, developing modern, humanist and sustainable infrastructure for the benefits of the people by paying attention to the natural resource potential and environment, building a community of mutual cooperation, tolerance and living in harmony according to the West Java cultural values and performing professional governance, serving and participating through the leadership of exemplary, nurturing and populist.

The Asyik pair has designed 13 work programs as the elaboration of the above five missions. To overcome the unemployment in West Java which reaches 1.8 million, they have the Working Certainty Card (KPK) program. “KPK is a card given to the people who want to find a job, God willing we will strive to get them a work, we will advocate them until they can find a job,” said Syaikhu after the campaign in Cilodong, Depok, on Sunday (4/8).

As for the prospective entrepreneurs, Syaikhu launched the Asyikpreneur program. ‘Asyik’ is an abbreviation of Ajak (Sudrajat) and Syaikhu. Through the program, they will provide training and mentoring to the young entrepreneurs. The duo is targeting the Asyikpreneur program to give birth to 300,000 new entrepreneurs over the five years of their leadership. Meanwhile, the KPK program is targeted to create 2 million jobs so that it will cover all the unemployed people in West Java.

To boost the economy in West Java, the Sudrajat- Ahmad Syaikhu duo has prepared the Tidal Sea Water strategy. “The economic problems in West Java are constantly ups and downs; good is for the tide and bad is for receding,” Sudrajat said in the first-round debate of West Java gubernatorial candidates at Sabuga Building, West Java, on Tuesday (3/12).

He regretted that West Java with the highest number of industrial companies operating there still recorded a high poverty ratio of above 8%. “There are many gaps; that is why I think the economy in West Java should be grown using the tidal sea water concept,” he said. In this concept, the investment and populist economy need to be improved. He will create a conducive investment climate and facilitate the licensing. He also will ask the local officials to implement the pro-people economy. “We will apply mix and match in the labor market and other markets,” he added.

Regarding the environment, Sudrajad promised to handle the issue of pollution in the Citarum River. “This is the concern of all parties because it has been incomplete. If Sudrajat-Ahmad Syaikhu is given the mandate to lead West Java, we will try hard to solve the Citarum pollution problem given 20 million people depend on it,” he said. Nevertheless, he admitted that he cannot solve it himself. He needs the help and support of all parties, including the central government, military, the police, and the society.

The duo also promised to advance the creative industry because West Java Province has been supported by many reliable human resources. One of its flagship programs is Jabar Terkoneksi of which every village in the entire province of West Java will be connected to the internet.

The Asyik pair is aiming the votes of millennials which amounts to 40% of the total voters in West Java. As they cannot ‘act’ like the youth of millennial generation they choose to position themselves as a ‘millennial parents’ that will guide and nurture them. (Djoko/TPP)