Growing Businesses Will Boost Economy


JAKARTA, – Democracy can be likened as a Ship to carry a nation or region to the social and economic prosperity. The capability to steer the Ship of democracy, of course cannot be separated from some requirements that must be fulfilled by the captain. Certainly, it is not negotiable when it comes to the capability, because it will essentially influence the business growth that ultimately affect the welfare of its people through the healthy economic growth.

West Java in 2018 is holding the event of Democracy in selecting the captain to steer the West Java Regional Government Ship in order to become a growing area to provide the welfare for its people. The economic growth will surely be driven by healthy business environment. The business players in this case the entrepreneurs certainly hope that their businesses will be able to grow well. It is the leadership factor that will be the key, how the business growth will depend heavily on the policies made by the leader. West Java is one of the regions on Java Island which becomes the key to the economic development in Indonesia’s manufacturing industry.

“Basically, this gubernatorial election is very important for the progress of West Java. So, to the entrepreneurs I want to urge you to carefully vote for the right candidate. If we vote for the wrong leader the impact can be unprofitable because we want to be efficient in business. The working relationship between the employers, local governments and workers should be interconnected and mutually benefit. If there is a problem between an employer and its workers, the government must be able to mediate. Every entrepreneur wants the employee incentives to continue to grow, because from the rising incentives the purchasing power will go up. If the purchasing power goes up, the companies will move forward.”

“I can see all the candidates of West Java Governor love West Java and its people. To the entrepreneurs, do not worry about their commitments to the West Java development. The good leader is very loving to his people, secondly he also is very innovative and thirdly he is very decisive (quick, firm and honest in decision-making). Of course, plus smart or clever. Smart means he has a lot of extensive experiences in doing a job. He has good characters, very loving to the people, plus innovative, becoming requirements for the leader especially in the West Java Province.”

West Java covers 27 regencies/cities. Some important election components that must be calculated are the cost of witnesses, witness coordinators, district witnesses, campaign necessities of the candidates and the cost of success teams in regencies/cities.

The number of voting booths (TPS) in West Java based on KPU data amounted to 76,064. If one voting booth has two witnesses with a fee of Rp 200,000 per person, the calculation is 76,064 x 2 x 200,000 equal to Rp 30,425,600,000. It should be noted that the witnesses at the TPS are coordinated by witness coordinators which amounts to 10 percent of the number of TPS with a fee of Rp 300,000. Thus, the calculation is 76,064 x 0.1 x 300,000 equal to Rp 2,281,920,000. The next is the need two PPK witnesses in every 626 districts with a fee of Rp 400,000. So, the calculation is 626 x 2 x 400,000 equal to Rp 500,800,000.

It does not stop there, even a bigger cost is waiting to calculate; the stimulant cost to encourage the performance of success teams. With an assumption that the fund required is Rp 2 billion per district/city, then at least a candidate of regional head must spend money amounting to Rp 54 billion.

“Let us entrepreneurs hand in hand to provide support because they need that enormous fund. We want democracy to run well, for that we support the democracy through our capacity as entrepreneurs, which of course in the form of donations for campaigning fund which has been ruled for individuals, companies and so forth. Jababeka in this case will also participate in succeeding the democracy event in the West Java region while appealing the entrepreneurs in Jababeka to take part too.” (Irawan/TPP)