Exploring Business Visions of West Java Gubernatorial Candidates

Photo: Doc. presidentpost.id

BEKASI, presidentpost.id – West Java is the province with the largest population in Indonesia. But not only that. West Java is also a province with the largest number of industrial estates in Indonesia. According to the data from the Ministry of Industry, out of the 74 industrial estates in Indonesia, 40 are located in West Java Province.

In the industrial estates there must be tens or even hundreds of thousands of companies. For example, in the Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang, which covers a land area of 5,600 hectares, there are more than 1,650 companies. They come from 30 countries around the world.

With such a condition, we can imagine how strategic the position of West Java in the national economic map. So, who will lead the province becomes important. Not only for the West Java Province, but also for the national economy.

In that context, President University, in collaboration with the Association of Industrial Estates, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) West Java chapter, Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO) West Java branch, Real Estate Indonesia (REI) West Java chapter, and the Bekasi Industrial Tourism organized Industry Dialogue 2018 with the pairs of candidates for governor and vice governor of West Java. This dialogue is important because once elected the pair will lead the province in the period 2018 – 2023.

The Industry Dialogue 2018 was held at the President Executive Club at Capitol Business District, Jl. Niaga Raya, Jababeka City, Cikarang, Bekasi. The dialogue was attended by hundreds of participants. They are entrepreneurs, board of directors and management officials of companies in the industrial estates in Cikarang and surrounding areas.

“This kind of dialogue is important to prevent us from making the wrong choice. Through this dialogue, we come to know in detail the vision, mission and work programs of each of the candidates. So, when casting our ballots, we will not be like buying pig in a poke,” said Jony Oktavian Haryanto, the Rector of President University.

Given the tight campaigning schedules of each candidate pair, the Industry Dialog 2018 has to be held twice. The first dialogue was held on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 by presenting Ridwan Kamil as the candidate pair number 1 and Sudrajat from number 3. The second Industry Dialogue 2018 was held on Wednesday, April 18 and was featuring Anton Charliyan as the candidate pair number 2 and Dedi Mulyadi from number 4.

Why do the industrial circles and business community in the industrial estates of West Java need to be careful in voting for the governor? Because all this time the economic progress of West Java is supported by the companies and entrepreneurs who are operating in the industrial estates. Thus, a shake to the condition in the industrial estates, especially those triggered by a policy change at the provincial level, will certainly affect the economy of West Java, and ultimately also influence the national economy.

So, through the event of Industry Dialog 2018, the business community can be more familiar with the candidates who later will lead the West Java Province. Besides, they can not only learn from their presentations, the business people can also convey their aspirations to the candidates.

For example, the suggestion that when the Government of West Java Province wants to build an industrial estate, it must be integrated with the infrastructure development, environmental capacity and human resources (HR) availability. Also, there are suggestions about improving the bureaucratic system, simplifying the licensing and the support to access the market, especially for the micro-, small- and medium scale enterprises.

It must be admitted that until now there are still policies at the provincial level that are less conducive to the business. This condition surely must not be allowed to drag on. It must be fixed soon.

For education, this kind of dialogue is also very strategic. Jony said, “By understanding the vision, mission and work programs of the candidates, the education world can follow the direction of West Java Province economic development in the future. And, the economic development certainly cannot be separated from the role of human resources. So, by knowing the direction of future development, the education world can prepare the right graduates to fulfill the needs of the industry.” So, it’s really in line with the concept of link & match. (PU/TPP)