Duo of Ridwan Kamil and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum

Photo: kpu.go.id

SUKABUMI, presidentpost.id – Carrying the tagline of ‘Jabar Juara Lahir Batin’ (West Java is Champion Physically and Spiritually), the pair of governor and vice governor candidates Ridwan Kamil and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum (Rindu), promoted by the parties of Nasdem, PPP, PKB and Hanura, have prepared their vision-mission for the upcoming five years. The vision is presenting the West Java as a Champion Physically and Spiritually with its people who are religious, happy and high quality, developing competitive, sustainable, and equitable prosperous economy between in the rural and urban areas, as well as implementing the good governance.

To realize the vision, there are five missions to be performed. First, presenting the West Java whose people are religious, piety, while encouraging the role of places of worship as a center of science and social interaction. Second, generating happy, quality and productive West Java human beings. Third, implementing the good governance, sound regional finance, and financing innovation in the West Java development.

Fourth, building the infrastructure in the village/remote areas and the cities in West Java which is considered able to accelerate the economic growth and to improve the connectivity of both inter-city/regency within West Java and between West Java and the other provinces. Fifth, encouraging the sustainable economic competitiveness in the rural and urban areas as well as the people’s economy to create prosperity and just for the people of West Java.

The strategy to carry out the first mission is by emphasizing the sustainability of Islamic boarding school (pesantren) life in West Java. When visiting the Pondok Pesantren Al Masthuriyah in Sukabumi Regency on Monday (4/8), Kang Emil stated that the aquaculture of catfish conducted by the school with 3,000 students is a good example that can be copied by other schools. Since the Al Masturiyah has already been cultivating the catfish, then the other schools better develop other products. He said he hopes one pesantren can have one company.

To support the life of pesantrens, he promised to issue a Pesantren Regulation. “Through the regulation, the pesantren will be supported with infrastructure, and the welfare of Quran teachers will be improved. That is a gift for the Muslim scholars,” he said.

For the second mission, Kang Emil will improve the quality of public facilities such as hospitals and schools. He also ensures people with disabilities will easily get the access to the public facilities.

To realize the third mission, Kang Emil will implement the good governance and prioritize the use of local state budget (APBD) for the development of human resources and infrastructure. In addition, he is concerned with the coordination between regions. The governor of West Java should be able to coordinate so that the problems appear cross-regionally can be solved well. “Do not be like the Citarum problem, which must be taken over by the president, this means that regional leaders are not capable to build coordination among them, so that such a regional problem had to be solved by the central government,” he said.

The fourth mission will be outlined in programs for strengthening the agricultural sector and optimizing the village funds for infrastructure. In agriculture, he said, West Java should adopt the new technology and strengthen the trading system by optimizing the information technology. “There should be a breakthrough, for example, the infusion farming system and the improvement in the application-based trading system,” Kang Emil added.

Meanwhile, to realize the fifth mission, Kang Emil will improve the economy through the sharia economic system. Not only that, he also wants to reduce the poverty by generating new entrepreneurs. One way is through the tourism industry by creating new tourism destinations. This is one of the efforts to bring Indonesia into the greatest country, through the development of the tourism industry. “That way, we have a reason to build infrastructure and improve the MICE industry, as well as to develop halal tourism industry to attract more tourists from the Middle East,” he explained. (TPP)