Vynn Capital Aims to Help Digitalize Traditional Businesses


JAKARTA, presidentpost.id – Malaysian Venture Capital company Vynn Capital has been intensively targeting the startups in Southeast Asia and Indonesia becomes one of the target countries that will be funded by the company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur.

The company was founded by Victor Chua, who previously was the Vice President of Gobi Ventures, and Darren Chua who was previously working for IE Singapore.

To the presidentpost.id, Victor said he wants to help digitalize the traditional businesses. “We are looking for a company with a great potential, not necessarily a unicorn like Go-Jek but it has to be a good one and that we think it will have a big impact to the economy; in creating jobs and opportunities to other businesses.”

Victor added that what differentiates Vynn Capital from others is the company’s focus on the traditional businesses to brings them to the new economy or digital era. “We are also looking for industries that are ready to adopt our technology, and at the same time they can improve their skills and insights with our investors who certainly have experiences in the field.”


The word synergy becomes one of Vynn Capital’s advantages as it seeks to create synergy among the startups as well as between the startups and the investors.

“So, there will be an interest between the two parties, where the startups can learn from investors and the investors can also learn from the startups on how to run a business in a new way,” Victor said.

Vynn Capital has been targeting 5 industries namely travel, property, FMCG, female economics (cosmetics, skincare and women life cycle related products) and logistics or enabler (fintech).

“We want startups from different industries to collaborate mutually and be supportive to each other. We also want investors to do the same (specialists of various industries but willing to exchange experiences),” said Victor.

Currently Vynn Capital has three advisors, pioneer in the advertising industry in Malaysia Tan Sri Vincent Lee, Chairman of Jababeka Group in Indonesia S.D. Darmono and CEO of Pacific Travel Association (PATA) in Thailand Dr. Mario Hardy. (TPP)