In June, West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati to be Inaugurated

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MAJALENGKA, – West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka, will be inaugurated in June. BIJB is expected to boost all sectors, especially the economy and business in the surrounding areas.

However, it will need a good anticipation from the local government and local people to be able to create a multiplier effect to the regional economy.

“The BIJB presence certainly provides a fresh air for the investors in the region, especially the hospitality entrepreneurs. But, if the local government does not have a strategic plan, the region will remain left behind from the ones outside of Cirebon,” said Chairman of Association of Hotels and Restaurants Indonesia (PHRI) Cirebon Chapter, Reza Hakiki, on Friday (4/6).

Kiki, his nickname, further said the hospitality in Cirebon City so far is not supported maximally by the Cirebon Municipal Government which has become a complicated problem.

Amidst the expanding infrastructure development to support the investment climate in Cirebon, the local government is considered too slow in welcoming the BIJB which will soon be operated.

According to him, the Cirebon Municipal Government has yet to solve the disturbing problems in the city, such as floods, congestion, garbage, and street vendors, which currently make the travelers who visit the city of Cirebon become disappointed.

“However, my prediction is that within one to five years, the hotel occupancy in Cirebon will increase,” he said.

Still, specific for the Cirebon City area, it might be left behind because the investors most likely will choose to build hotels near the airport. Moreover, the tourist destinations in the Cirebon City are not that many and tend to be boring.

Kiki said there should be a synergy between the local governments of 3 regions in Cirebon area to work on the opportunities as well as the challenges of the BIJB Kertajati presence.

“If the condition of Cirebon City keeps like this, the visitors will get bored. They only need one day to see all the tourism sites. The tourists usually come here just for culinary and batik,” he added.

In fact, Kiki said, once the BIJB operational, it is not impossible that the Cirebon visitors will want to proceed to Bandung area because, in addition to the neat urban planning with a soothing village scenery, Bandung has many tourist destinations.

“We should have a strategic plan to welcome the BIJB. The private sector cannot work alone. There should be a common policy between the regions around BIJB. If it’s just like this, we will be left behind,” Kiki concluded. (PJS/TPP)