IMF Boss: We See Indonesia Much Better Now

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WASHINGTON DC, – The world economy is in a state of recovery with a positive outlook, although it still has some risks that remain to be wary of. One of the risks is related to the potential tightening economy due to record-breaking of the highest global debt.

So, what about the economic condition in Indonesia?

Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde said that Indonesia has a bright prospect related to the potential for its economy to grow in the future.

“We see Indonesia as a much better country now,” she said at the launch of Global Policy Agenda 2018, at the IMF headquarters, Washington DC, on Thursday (4/19).

The indicator, according to her, is the relatively high economic growth in Indonesia compared to the average of world economic growth which is in the recovery process.

“Indonesia still grows above 5%, quite high and above the average world economic growth,” she said.

Moreover, the current government is very consistent in carrying out the economic policy reforms marked by cutting the energy subsidies that had been considered to burden the state finances, Lagarde said.

“I am impressed by the determination of President Jokowi to remove many of the fuel subsidies and shift the fund to infrastructure and public health,” she added.

“Indonesian people now can enjoy the healthcare services with only using a plastic card, which is a smart cart (BPJS card). As you know, I visited with President Jokowi one of the hospitals when I came to Indonesia some time ago and learned more than a third of the population is benefitting from access to free healthcare,” Lagarde said.

Another point that makes IMF optimistic on the Indonesia’s economy outlook is the government’s efforts in simplifying the investment licensing by utilizing the digital system.

“We also appreciate the digitalization of almost every aspect of licensing that makes it more transparent,” Lagarde said. (DTK/TPP)