North Bali Airport to be Built When Ngurah Rai Reaches Maximum Capacity


BALI, – The plan to develop the North Bali Airport will be realized, but it will be done after the Ngurah Rai Airport has reached its maximum capacity, according to Director General of Air Transportation Agus Santoso. He said the traffic of passengers at Ngurah Rai Airport currently is about 21 million per day.

“This year the traffic of passengers has reached 21 million passengers and will keep growing from year to year,” he said at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Jakarta, on Tuesday (4/3).

Agus said that the maximum capacity of Ngurah Rai Airport is able to accommodate up to 35 million passengers. Therefore, there is a plan to build another airport in the north of Bali, while Ngurah Rai Airport is in the south. “With the single runway and additional apron, Ngurah Rai Airport can only accommodate 30 million or 35 million at the top,” he added.

“That is why we are considering build the North Bali Airport. Besides, the hangar in the airport in the south of Bali also has limited capacity. So, the plan to build the North Bali Airport is still rolling, but the realization will wait for the capacity of Ngurah Rai Airport to reach its peak,” Agus said.

He estimated the peak capacity of Ngurah Rai Airport will happen within 5 to 10 years. “Yes, the prediction is based on the fact that in one year the average growth of passengers is 11%, so in 5 to 10 years it will reach the maximum capacity,” he concluded. (DTK/TPP)