Ministry of Maritime Affairs Provides Rp200 Billion to Build Infrastructure in Morotai

Foto: Doc. The President Post

NORTH MALUKU, – The administration of Morotai Island Regency, North Maluku, has stated that the central government allocates Rp200 billion fund in its national state budget (APBN) to be disbursed through the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry for the construction of infrastructures in Morotai.

Head of the Regional Development Planning and Research Agency of Morotai Island, Abjan Sofyan through a press release issued on Thursday (3/29), said the state budget fund aimed to accelerate the development in Morotai.

The infrastructure projects to be developed this year include the construction of embankment in Buho-buho Village, East Morotai District, the opening of a road in Sopi Village and Wayabullah Village with the length at 14 kilometers worth at Rp100 billion, bridge replacements with fund allocation at Rp6 billion, the construction of new bridges for Rp44 billion, the installation of clean water supply worth at Rp12 billion, the construction of a dam in Telai village with fund allocation at Rp26 billion, and a Rp600 million worth wastewater treatment plant.

As for enhancing the settlement areas, the fund allocation reaches Rp26 billion and will be divided into traditional market Rp16 billion and special houses Rp10 billion.

The government has designed the Morotai Island Regency as a Special Economic Zone.

The Morotai Island Regency is located on the border line and has various potentials that can be developed, one of which is tourist destination such as the white sand on the beach of Dodola Island. (JPP/TPP)