Bekasi Power Claims Contract with PLN Still Running


JAKARTA, – PT Bekasi Power, a subsidiary of PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk (KIJA), has said it respects the PLN’s decision to temporarily suspend the electricity purchase from the company’s gas-fired power plant (PLTGU). According to PLN, the suspension was imposed due to the electric power surplus experienced by the Java-Bali network.

President Director of PT Bekasi Power Teguh Setiawan said the power purchase contract currently is still running. Later, the company’s PLTGU will supply PLN again whenever it needs more electricity, given the contract with PLN is valid until 15 remaining years.

“We will follow the instructions from PLN, while the contract is still running for both sides. So, we will complete the contract. Currently our PLTGU is idle, but we can turn it on whenever PLN asks for,” he said on Tuesday (4/3).

There was a rumor that KIJA planned to sell Bekasi Power, but Teguh dismissed it. According to him, currently each party respects the existing contract and PT Bekasi Power is ready to supply the electricity again to PLN whenever the state-owned company asks for it.

“We are still following the contract. PLN never said it will terminate the contract, no, we never said that either. PLN is experiencing oversupply right now. So, we just wait for the instruction from PLN when we will supply the electricity again, surely when it experiences a shortage,” he added.

The power plant managed by PT Bekasi Power so far is the largest contributor of KIJA’s revenue. Last year, it accounted for 45.39% of the revenue or higher than the revenue from the land development and property of Rp1.1 trillion. (KTN/TPP)