Kemenhub: Development of Adi Soemarmo Airport in Solo Completed This Year


JAKARTA, – Directorate General of Air Transportation of the Transportation Ministry (Kemenhub) targets the development of Adi Soemarmo International Airport, Solo, to be completed this year.

Currently the construction activities include the expansion of apron and passenger terminal as well as the construction of railway station at the airport.

Director General of Air Transportation Agus Santoso said that the airport development so far has been going smoothly and on time with the priority on aviation safety aspects.

“All the infrastructure development of Adi Soemarmo Airport in Solo aims to further improve the flight safety, security and services especially during the hajj pilgrimage season which will arrive shortly. The airport is always too crowded during the season, so some new infrastructures need to be built and the old ones need to be developed more,” said Agus in Jakarta on Monday (3/19).

According to him, most of the hajj pilgrimage flights in Indonesia are taking off from Solo as it serves the hajj pilgrims from Central Java and Yogyakarta. That is why Adi Soemarmo Airport needs to be developed to provide maximum services to them.

In the air side, currently the apron is being expanded from previously 540 meters to become 755 meters. The expansion will provide 5 more parking lots for narrow body aircraft such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 series or 3 parking lots for wide body plane such as Boeing B777, B747 and Airbus A330 commonly used for haj pilgrimage flights.

The larger apron is expected to be able to accommodate more wide body planes for hajj pilgrimage flights without interfering the commercial flight operations at this airport. The passenger terminal is also being expanded from 13,000 m2 to 15,000 m2.

A train station, only 800 meters from the airport, is currently being built to complete the multi-mode transportation at the airport which will be connected to Solo Balapan station, about 13 kilometers away. The other transportation modes from the airport to Solo City available right now are Damri bus, taxi, private vehicles.

Agus said he hoped the development of the airport complex will be finished this year. Next year the plan is to extend the runway from 2,600 meters to 3,000 meters so that the operational of wide body aircrafts like B777 can be done maximally.

Currently Adi Sumarmo Airport serves nearly 3 million passengers per year with 66 flights in and out per day. (LPT/TPP)