Tourism Ministry Targets 60 Tour Packages for Participants of IMF – World Bank Group

Foto: Doc. The President Post

JAKARTA, – Ministry of Tourism has targeted 60 tour packages available for the participants of Annual Meeting of International Monetary Fund (IMF) – World Bank Group in October 2018 in Bali. Meanwhile, for the Asian Games on August 18 – September 2, 2018 the ministry has prepared 70 tour packages.

Deputy for Tourism Marketing Development of the ministry, I Gede Pitana, said that while speaking in the Coordinating Meeting of Tourism Program Synchronization and the Launching of Wonderful Event Calendar of Tambora Enchantment 2018 in Mataram on Thursday (2/22).

For the Asian Games, the ministry has prepared tour packages to Bangka Belitung, Jakarta, South Sumatra even Bali and Lombok. As for the IMF-WBG delegations, the holiday packages to be available are to Lombok, Komodo, Tanah Toraja, Yogyakarta, Lake Toba and Jakarta.

According to Pitana, he would not expect the direct results, but the afterwards like the Sidney Olympics and Beijing Olympics.

Pitana dismissed the allegations that organizing a festival is a waste of money. He cited Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) which became widely known after five years running. According to him, the development of tourism is not like planting seasonal crops. It takes a long time to get the outcome. Bali enjoys its glory after promotional activities since 1920.

As ‘an elder brother’, Bali has been helping develop its neighboring areas, like Lombok which now receives many foreign tourists from Bali. Every day there are tour groups to Gili Trawangan and surrounding areas. “Tourism makes the neighboring areas follow suit to grow. No need to compete,” Pitana said.

Head of Tourism Office of West Nusa Tenggara Lalu Moh Faozal said the province has four national tourism calendars to be held in Lombok and Sumbawa Island.

The government has also scheduled the Pesona Moyo Festival and Festival of Tambora Enchantment to commemorate the eruption of Tambora Mountain. The festival will feature art and cultural performances in every regency on the island of Sumbawa. ”It is hoped to remove the disparity between the destinations in Lombok and Sumbawa,” he said. (TMP/TPP)