Ikimura Group, Indonesian Creation Recognized by Japan

Dessy Anapesy, Abigael Jane, Hadrianto Abas, Jonathan Abas

JAKARTA, presidentpost.com – Ikimura Group was established in 1991 by Hadrianto Abas who has been in the business on steel and metal cutting tools for 36 years. Started his career as a salesman, Abas was reprimanded by his superior with a senseless reason. Having mastered the business, Abas decided to resign and started his own trading company.

Ikimura Group began in a 2 × 3 meters room at Jembatan Merah and turned into a growing company and gave birth to 5 subsidiaries (IKIMURA INDOTOOLS CENTER, IKITECH PRECISION GRINDING, MACHINING MANDIRI PRATAMA, DELTA LOGAM MAKMUR, MULTI PRECISION UTAMA) with a total workforce of 400 people. About Rp200 billion has been invested by Abas to build a business dynasty that is currently assisted by his daughter Abigael Jane and his son Jonathan Abas.

With 80 percent clients are automotive companies from Japan, Abas decided to get closer to the clients located in the Jababeka Industrial Estate Cikarang in 2005.

A factory sized 800 m2 on the land area of 1,800 m2 was established in Southeast Asia’s largest industrial estate, as the production center of Ikitech, one of the subsidiaries of Ikimura Group, which has one of the best engine facilities in Indonesia, supported by Bekasi Power, Cikarang Dry Port, Water Treatment Plant and other complete facilities from Jababeka.

According to Abas, the automotive spare parts manufacturers both cars and motorcycles turn out to need a lot of cutting tools with specific design, size, and tolerance. “So, we cannot buy in Glodok and use them directly. They must be modified first into a specific design. This is what our company do, to meet the custom requirements of the clients.”

Jane added such tools were used to be imported which became very expensive and needed up to 3 months to arrive.

To deal with the tough competition, Jonathan said good service was one of the keys. “Many Japanese companies are operating 24 hours, so sometimes we got an order at 1 am or on Sunday at 4 am.”

The name Ikimura makes people think that IIC is a Japanese company, but Abas explained that Ikimura comes from the Javanese language which means it’s cheap. Abas did not think that the name Ikimura in Japanese means Technology Kampong which is certainly very good.

With the motto of honesty and integrity, Abas’ business becomes fruitful. He has established cooperation with 300 customers, including Toyota, Astra Honda, Honda Prospect and Yamaha.

“With Yamaha it needs 3 years to get the PO with 2 years of trial, Toyota is just as difficult,” said Abas.

In the future Abas expects to enter the export market. “Our target is to Japan. Now there are exports but small-scale to South Africa, Malaysia and the Philippines,” he said.

Closing the interview, Abas said that Indonesian people indeed have the capability to compete in the manufacturing industry worldwide. (TPP)