Jakarta Heli Club Offers Sensation to Own Helicopter Without Buying


CIKARANG, presidentpost.com – The congestion in Jakarta is getting worse. Jakarta Heli Club gave a joy flight to the businessmen at Jababeka Golf and Country Club, Cikarang, on Thursday (2/22).

Congestion is one of the main problems of the Capital City of Jakarta and various ways have been done by the government to overcome the traffic jams such as LRT and elevated toll roads. But this is not in line with the rapid growth of vehicle number which reaches 10% a year.

Setiawan Mardjuki, Jakarta Heli Club management, said, “It’s very inefficient if we are stuck in the car.”

He mentioned that helicopter is very significant to cut down traveling time from one point to another. The Jakarta Heli Club also made a new breakthrough where investors can have a helicopter without having to buy a helicopter.

“By joining the Jakarta Heli Club membership, every member is able to use the helicopter and even they can put their logo on the copter,” he added.

On the same occasion, Iwan Darmawan Hanafi as Chairman of Jakarta Heli Club said that this new club was established one and a half years ago and it is a new transportation innovation in Indonesia.

“Jakarta Heli Club is a new means of transportation in Indonesia and now we have started with the first membership system in Indonesia,” said Iwan.

Meanwhile, the famous Tung Desem Waringin explained the benefits of becoming a Founder Member. One of them is the price for such a member is cheaper than if somebody hires a helicopter without becoming one.

“Additionally, you can also buyback when you are no longer a member. The requirement is very easy, you just have to be a member for 3 years. After that, it’s up to you,” he said.

At the end of event, the founder members and invitees were given the opportunity to have a joy flight with H125 Airbus helicopter round trip. According to the plan, 12 units of helicopters will be operated with currently 27 founder members have already joined the Jakarta Heli Club. (Eva /TPP)