“The Challenging Infrastructures of Indonesia” Seminar: Analyzing Indonesia through Six Perspectives

foto : president.ac.id

CIKARANG, presidentpost.com – Faculty of Humanities of President University held a seminar with the theme of “The Challenging Infrastructures of Indonesia” in Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University, Jababeka Education Park, Kota Jababeka. The event was held to analyze, review, and discuss Indonesia’s policies and programs on infrastructure development and its challenges under President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s administration from six perspectives which are: International Relations (Political), Communication (Branding/Advertising), Law (Legal), Primary School Teacher Education/PTSE (Education/Human Resources Development), Electrical Engineering (Public Infrastructure), and Bekasi District Government (Government Projects/Policy Implementations).

The event attended by Ir. Dwi Larso, MSIE., Ph.D., Vice Rector for Academics of President University, Edi Supriadi (Representative from the Bekasi District Government), Drs. Teuku Rezasyah, MA., Ph.D., (Dean of Faculty of Humanities), Fennieka Kristianto, S.H., M.H., M.Kn., MA (Head of Law Study Program), Hendra Manurung, S.IP., MA (Head of International Relations Study Program), Joni Welman Simatupang, S.T., M.Sc.Eng., Ph.D., (Head of Electrical Engineering Study Program), Grace Amialia Anfentonanda N., S.Pd., M.Pd (Head of PTSE Study Program) Sylvia Savitri, S.IP., M.Si (Lecturer of Communication Study Program) and approximately 200 students and lecturers from the four study programs of Faculty of Humanities.

The event was held to raise the awareness and to enrich the participants’ knowledge regarding Indonesia’s infrastructure development, as infrastructure has become one of President Jokowi administration’s main goals as mentioned in ‘Nawa Cita’.

The event ran successfully as the speakers delivered their simple, yet substantive presentations from different perspectives from Head of Study Programs in accordance with their respective background of studies.

According to Edi Supriadi, It is essential for Indonesia to improve the development in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) sector, since it gives major contribution to Indonesia’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  Under President Jokowi administration, the government has been focusing on the equal distribution of FDIs to other regencies in Indonesia rather than only luring the FDIs to Jakarta. Commercial marketing is necessary to attract FDIs to Indonesia, which can be achieved through: (1) public infrastructure development, especially in transportation access in rural areas, and (2) social development through certification and competence training of the human resources.

On the legal perspective, Indonesia’s infrastructure has developed significantly due to the Presidential Decree Number 30 Year 2015 regarding the cooperation of private and public sector on Indonesia’s infrastructure development and construction.

Education perspective emphasized on the improvement of Indonesia’s teachers’ and adults’ behavior, character, and mindset, since they have, are, and will be the ones that shape and influence the youths; referring to President Jokowi’s encouragement of ‘Mental Revolution’.

According to communication perspective, the effective and efficient method of advertisement of Jokowi administration by utilizing the internet and social media, where President Jokowi and his staffs regularly publish the development of Indonesia’s infrastructure through the president’s official social media account (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Moreover, complemented by President Jokowi’s impromptu visits (or known as the ‘blusukan’), the administration was able to directly observe and analyze the infrastructure needs and challenges, thus diminishing the social gap between the government and the people.

On political perspective, Indonesia’s infrastructure development has grown significantly under President Jokowi’s leadership, where the leadership style is seem to be as one of the most effective leadership styles of a president in terms of rapid infrastructure development.  President Jokowi administration has been focusing on the improvement of infrastructure development in the border areas of Indonesia, since it is essential in order to strengthen Indonesia’s security.  Moreover, Indonesia has also shown a significant, yet rapid development in the maritime sector (i.e. sea tolls, harbors, ports) due to the Global Maritime Fulcrum policy.

In the engineering sector, under President Jokowi administration, Indonesia has shown a significant development in terms of electrical power plants (especially in the rural areas), where the public sector is cooperating with the private sector.

Moreover, the participants were full with enthusiasm and therefore raised substantial questions and opinions by the end of the seminar. (PU/TPP)