Bio-Oil Launches 200ml Package


JAKARTA, – PT Radiant Sentra Nutrindo introduced Bio-Oil 200ml during the event of ‘Bio-Oil Your Healthy Skin Habit’ at the Kertanegara Resital Hall, Jakarta, on Tuesday (2/13).

The new member of the Bio-Oil family comes as a complement to the packages of 25ml, 60ml and 125ml already in the market. Nowadays Indonesian women are driven to have a good habit in caring for healthy skin and transfer the habit to the nearest environment.

“That has encouraged us to bring in the Bio-Oil 200ml as a practical skincare product with bigger volume. We expect Indonesian women will transfer their habit in caring for their skin to the other women close to them,” said Ida Ayu Suksmawadanti, a representative of PT Radiant Sentral.

Most of Indonesian women want to keep their skin healthy although they have to do various activities. “For women especially those who are living in Jakarta, pollution and climate change may cause a variety of problems on their skin, such as dull and dry, more sensitive, or uneven skin color,” said dr. Kelvin A. Maharis, who attended the launch of Bio-Oil 200ml.

He advised to have healthy habits with simple deeds. “Clean the face regularly after doing an activity, using a moisturizer that contains antioxidants every morning and night after bathing. In addition to vitamin E, other ingredients that provide skin protection are Calendula which acts in reducing the inflammation and calm the skin, and Rosemary which acts as a mild antiseptic.”

Nurhayatini, Product Manager of PT Radiant Sentral Nutrindo said, “Bio-Oil is a complete skin care product but practical to be carried and used at all times. Although based on oil, Bio-Oil is easily absorbed by the skin, thanks to a breakthrough ingredient of PurCellin Oil ™ that makes Bio-Oil known as dry oil.”

She also emphasized that Bio-Oil 200ml has the same benefits and ingredients as the previous packages. Its natural essentials of Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Vitamins A and E are effective to nourish dehydrated skin and soothe it after being exposed to the sun.

Kotak Band members Tantri and Chua shared their experiences during pregnancy which caused stretch marks on their tummy skins. They regularly applied Bio-Oil on the stretch marks and now the stretch marks have gone and their skins have become smoother and moist.

“The Bio-Oil 200ml is available in the traditional and modern outlets as well as trusted online shopping sites with the price at Rp280,000,” Ida said, closing the event. (TPP)