Manggarai-Cikarang DDT Project Accelerated to Finish in 2020 Instead of 2022


JAKARTA, – The project of double-double track (DDT) connecting Manggarai to Cikarang will be completed in 2020, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said when conducting a review at Dipo Cipinang on Sunday (2/18).

The DDT project is divided into 3 sections with a total length of 35.8 kilometers. The progress of section A, connecting Manggarai and Jatinegara, is 53%, the section B-21 connecting Jatinegara and Bekasi is 78% and section B1 connecting Bekasi and Cikarang is 100%.

“This DDT project is vital to both long-distance and commuter trains, so we will try to finish it in 2020 or faster than the previous plan in 2022. Surely we will develop the time management, financial management, engineering and human management to increase the capacity. The DDT will reduce the losses suffered by the people from congestions on the highway which reach trillions rupiahs,” said the minister.

Five more train stations will be added this year from previously only three in 2017, namely East Bekasi, Cibitung and Cikarang.

“In 2018 there will be 5 more stations, namely Klender, Buaran, Klender Baru, Cakung and Kranji, which means that the commuter trains’ service is getting better as it reaches wider communities,” said Minister Budi.

Regarding the misuse of land around the DDT project, the minister said there are 1,100 M2 of land plots misused by 42 families in Manggarai which will be fixed completely in March 2018.

“I urge the people who misuse the land plots to be more cooperative because this project is not for personal interests but for the benefit of all people,” Budi said.

Later, the DDT is expected to increase the passenger capacity by 25% especially for the route of Manggarai-Kranji.

“We will increase the capacity starting in 2019 when the DDT of Manggarai-Kranji section is completed. There will be a 25% increase, meaning that the carrying capacity to transport the Bekasi residents will be up to 100,000 passengers,” added the minister. (IND/TPP)