Home Affairs Minister Revokes 50 Rules Hindering Investment

Photo: detik.com

JAKARTA, presidentpost.com – Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo has again removed about 50 regulations regarding permits and investments issued by the authorities under his ministry. Tjahjo said he revoked regulations that were considered causing a long and complicated bureaucracy.

“It’s a follow-up of president’s direction to not let investment be hampered by licensing. After we audited, there were 52 regulations on licensing, governance, staffing, civil services, and planning, causing too long bureaucracy. So, we cut them,” said Tjahjo at the Bidakara hotel, Jalan Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (2/7).

“The investors don’t have to always go to the central government, but they can take care at the region including research permit and so on. We want to make it easier,” the minister added.

He said earlier his ministry had removed about 1,600 regulations considered to disrupt licensing and investment. About 1,500 regional regulations have also been revoked.

“The local governments have the authority to issue regional regulations. I learned there were 88 new regulations issued and 52 of them have just been removed. We will check on the remaining ones,” said Tjahjo.

After the abolition of the regulations, the regions will make the guidelines about that.

“It’s not a must, but the regions can make the guidelines,” said Tjahjo. (DTK/TPP)