The Beauty of Rp235 Billion Worth Petak Bridge in NTT


KUPANG, – Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission V Fary Djemi Francis has inspected the construction of the Petuk I Bridge in Kolhua Village, Maulafa District, Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

The bridge was claimed to be the first in Indonesia to use prestressed concrete girder technology.

In his working visit, Fary was accompanied by a number of officials of the National Road Implementation Center (BPJN) X Kupang NTT.

Fary was inspecting the progress of the bridge construction to make sure the works were done timely and will be functioned in 2018.

Currently, Fary said, he is trying to get the fund from the state budget 2018 for installing supporting ornaments at the top of the bridge.

“When I accompanied the Minister of PUPR to the Petuk Bridge recently, the minister asked me to put ornaments with NTT characteristics. It will make the bridge look distinctive and become a tourist attraction,” said Fary in Kupang on Thursday (11/2).

Fary said the construction of the bridge had been planned since 1980 and can only be realized now. He said he expected the bridge to break down the congestions in Kupang City.

The bridge as part of outer ring road of Kupang City will connect the road from Tenau Kupang Port, leading to the southern part of Kupang City, to several districts on the mainland of South Timor, South Central Timor, North Central Timor, Belu and Malaka.

“We want to make the Petuk Bridge become an icon of Kupang City,” said Fary.

In the meantime, Head of BPJN X Kupang NTT, Hadrianus Bambang Nurhadi Widihartono said that the bridge uses construction technology of prestressed concrete girder with the length of 320 meters.

“The bridge has been built since 2015 and once I become the Head of BPJN X, within eight months the construction has been completed,” said Bambang.

The fund spent on the construction of the bridge is about Rp235.5 billion. (KPS/TPP)