ID42NER Holds Family Touring to Tanjung Lesung


PANDEGLANG, – The Toyota Fortuner Club of Indonesia (ID42NER) has held a family touring to Tanjung Lesung, Banten. The touring was organized to strengthen the relationship and kinship among fellow members.

The first ID42NER touring in 2018 was participated in by about 50 vehicles. The attractive tourism site of Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort Banten was chosen as the final destination.

“Banten was chosen as the location for the first ID42NER touring this year because Banten is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. Banten is famous for its natural beauty, cultural richness, as well as the beauty of the beach and its culinary,” said Vice President of ID42NER Duta Aerlangga.

“Besides, Banten is also known for its adventurous landscapes so we can prove that Fortuner is a powerful and reliable SUV vehicle in its class. So, hopefully more and more people are interested to drive it,” he added.

According to touring Chairman Jhony Nyamcun, the activity has become a tradition for ID42NER clubs all over Indonesia. Every activity always includes some things that bring positive influence, meaning in realizing various club agenda, ID42NER is always committed to contribute in the form of social awareness to the surrounding environment and society.

“This event is no different. We are doing a social service with the help of members who finance the occasion of inviting the orphaned children to enjoy the beauty of one of the beaches in Banten as well as giving away gifts and donation from the members of ID42NER to them,” Jhony said.

Toyota Fortuner Club of Indonesia (ID42NER) was founded on May 13, 2007 with 1,500 members across Indonesia consisting of 4 regions and 18 chapters. (DTK/TPP)