Here Are the Expectations of Regional Head, Entrepreneur, Academician and Association to the New TVRI


JAKARTA, – Presenter Helmy Yahya has been selected as the President Director of the state-owned television station TVRI for the period of 2017-2022 by the TVRI’s Supervisory Board. During his inauguration, Helmy promised to bring back the TV station into popularity again.

“It’s my job (to revive TVRI). This TV station has a very big potential. I know it and I believe it. Many people hope TVRI can be more alive again,” said Helmy as quoted by tribunnews on Tuesday (11/27).

Some regional heads, entrepreneurs, academics and tourism associations conveyed their supports and expectations to

Ende Vice Regent Djafar Achmad said, “My hope is TVRI in the future will focus more on the results of development programs and the government policies for prospering the people. What’s interesting is how to compete with private TV stations and choose the populist news.”

Meantime Chairman of PT Jababeka S.D. Darmono said, “I hope TVRI will be different from others by broadcasting positive things about the progress of the country. The other commercial TV stations usually broadcast things that make people and investors anxious.”

TVRI, according to him, should be educative and nurture the people to love the country, obey the law and support the economic development in prospering the society.

“Educative, informative and entertaining with our natural and cultural richness is commercially profitable, because it is supported by the budgets of local governments who want to promote their regional natural beauty and the hospitality of their people in welcoming the tourists and investments,” Darmono concluded.

Former Governor of Lemhanas and academic Prof. Budi Susilo Soepandji said he hoped TVRI would be able to channel people’s ideas on nurturing nationality, unity in various community activities in terms of tribes, religions and races. Also on how to establish honesty and peaceful atmosphere through various activities of community empowerment by millennial generation.

While President Director of PT TWC Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko, who is also CEO of PATA Indonesia Chapter, Poernomo Siswoprasetijo said, “Hopefully new TVRI can cooperate with the Tourism Ministry and Transportation Ministry in developing the tourism potentials of the regions’ natural beauty and cultural richness, through a special program that attracts tourists to travel to and investors to invest in those areas.”

Helmy himself asked for supports for the new board of directors to run the tasks. “Hopefully we will realize the mandate and please support and pray for us,” he said, adding that he would improve the TVRI’s programs.

A number of old popular programs will be recreated with the current and modern concept.

“Our strategy is improving the screen, re-branding and there will be contemporary programs and contents. Many programs will also be re-packaged. Pray for us, so that we can make this public TV station to become a leading channel while remains neutral and independent,” he said. (TN/TPP)