Want to Tour Industrial Estate? Let’s Visit BIT in Jababeka Cikarang


CIKARANG, presidentpost.com – Indonesian tourism is like never running out of fuel. This time, there is an industrial estate that participating in heating up the Indonesian tourism. In the middle of this month, the Jababeka Convention Center, Cikarang, will be set up as a tourist destination through the Bekasi Industrial Tourism (BIT). The event will start from January 17, 2018.

The event is guaranteed to be cool. All are set maximally. Its reference is the Samsung Industrial Tour in Korea. Initiated by PT Jababeka Tbk, BIT will serve as the meeting-point of ABG-C which is a gathering place for the Academics, Business or industrial people, the Government – and the Community.

“This area has considerable wealth potentials to be utilized. Not just as an industrial area, but also as a tourist and educational destination,” said Chairman of Jababeka Group Setyono Djuandi Darmono on Saturday (1/6).

How cool the event is also shown by the participants of the upcoming BIT. As many as 48 hotels, 215 restaurants, 15 executive spas, 21 business clubs, 3 golf courses, 1 sports stadium, 1 waterpark, 7 entertainment centers, Jakarta Heli Club (JHC) and Railway Tour have confirmed to participate in the event.

Not only that. World-class art exhibition titled “Indonesia Art Exhibition Standing with the Masters” will also be presented. The exhibition will be participated in by the Indonesia’s top galleries. They will showcase the painting works of Indonesia’s five maestros of OHD version namely Affandi, Kartika Affandi, Hendra Gunawan Soedibio and H. Widayat.

“We work on the maximum. We gather all to enliven the BIT. The orientation is Educational Tour, Educational Entertainment, Educational Training Development, Cultural Culinary Center and Audio Tour,” said Darmono.

For the domestic tourism development, an event like BIT is expected to increase the number of tourist visits and traffic load of activities to the industrial estates. Additionally, it will boost the tourism economy of industrial estates.

“Industrial recreation is experience learning or outing class. This can restore the essence of a study tour that should put forward the value of education full of fun and joy. BIT is the answer,” said Darmono.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said he was happy with such a creative event. According to him, the industrial tourism is potential and worth it to develop.

“Industrial tourism in Indonesia has a huge potential. If done seriously, it will grow without doubt. Japan for example has long developed its industrial tourism and is one of the main selling point of their tourism. The important thing is that we have to be consistent and serious to work on it. I am sure it will grow well,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. (Kemenpar/TPP)