Tourism Minister Arief Yahya Inaugurates Two Homestays in Sigapiton


JAKARTA, – Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has inspected the locations supporting the tourism in Lake Toba, a tourist destination for priority development. After accompanying President Jokowi in inaugurating the Silangit International Airport Terminal, he went to Sigapiton Village, Toba Samosir Regency, on the eastern edge of Lake Toba.

The small village has been selected as a pilot project for the Homestay Village Development by the Ministry of Tourism. It was the second visit of the minister to Sigapiton Village, while the first was held on July 8.

Since October 15, 2017 two units of homestay named “Jabu Na Ture” have been set up. The homestays were built based on the designs made by participants of the competition of bamboo made Homestay Nusantara and Homestay Ecopod held by the tourism ministry.

Bamboo is a type of plant that grows quickly in many areas in Indonesia. Bamboo is easy to find, and its maintenance is also easy.

The design of the Jabu Na Ture Homestay is inspired by the typical Jabu Bolon, the traditional house of Batak Toba tribe, but with a modification by using bamboo material which is cheaper and environmentally friendly.

The homestay development is funded by the Tourism Ministry to socialize to the community how to maintain the local architectural characteristics (archipelago architecture), and to make the homestay as one of community tourism businesses. The further development of the homestay will be offered to the private investors.

The two homestays in the ​​Lake Toba area are expected to boost the interest of local people to designs their homes as homestays so that the village can run the tourism business independently.

Minister Arief Yahya also visited Tomok and had a look at the Sigale-gale Souvenir Market and Cultural Tourism Objects located in front of the distinctive customs houses.

“If you want to be global players then always make sure to use the global standard,” he said while meeting with the Tourism Awareness Group (PokDarWis).

In the meeting, PokDarWis proposed to get financial assistance for renovating 14 homestays, especially in the interior design. Minister Arief responded positively and said that the Tourism Ministry would disburse a fund for renovating 20 homestays no later than December 2017.

Meanwhile, for the revitalization of buildings and toilets, he will coordinate with related parties such as PUPR Ministry.

The minister also noticed the involvement of Pelindo in supporting tourism in Tomok and said he hoped PokDarWis and the regent would enhance the coordination with other parties to develop tourism for prospering the local people. (CNN/TPP)