Arawana Debuts in Japan, A Possible Rule Breaker of Japanese Rice Bran Oil Market


TOKYOJanuary 11, 2018, – Recently, the biggest Chinese edible oil brandArawana impressed Tokyo Shibuya with a giant advertisement, announcing its debut into the Japanese market. Arawana is China’s leading brand of edible oil, whose parent company Wilmar International Limited ranks 239 in Fortune 500 List 2016. As one of the world’s largest grain and oil groups, Wilmar stays on the first position of Food Industry in Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list, with an annual revenue of almost 41.4 billion US dollars.

The Japanese people have always been attaching importance to diet and food quality. As a major rice bran oil consumer, Japan consumes 80,000 tons of quality rice bran oil every year, showing huge consumption potential. This market potential, together with Arawana’s strong confidence in its product quality, explains why it decides to compete in the Japanese market where domestic brands are dominant players.

Arawana started to focus on the rice bran oil field as early as 2006. A 300-people R&D team devoted 10 years to develop the product. It created “enzymatic degumming”a patented technology of low-temperature extractionto naturally reserve oryzanol and phytosterol, two core nutrients of rice bran oil. The average content of oryzanol and phytosterol are both 10,000 mg/kg.

The technology and quality of Arawana Rice Bran Oil are thus upgraded to world-leading levels and the nutritional essence of rice is reserved to the utmost with excellent quality, colour, and flavour delivered. Its technological innovation has won it the “Quality Award” at the International Conference on Rice Bran Oil (ICRBO 2016), which triggered wide attention.

As the origin of rice bran oil boasting a century history of development, Japan has built strong technological advantages. Mainly dominated by domestic brands, Japan’s rice bran oil market is a tough field for foreign producers. Under such circumstances, Arawana made an excellent debut; can Arawana break the current market landscape and secure its position in the fierce competition? We believe the picky consumers will make their choice. Let’s wait and see! (PRN/TPP)