Watching Construction Activities at HI Roundabout MRT Station


JAKARTA, – PT Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta (MRT Jakarta) continues to work maximally to complete the MRT project on time. MRT Jakarta is currently working on the construction of MRT corridor 1 of South – North from Lebak Bulus to HI Roundabout. The 16 kilometers subway will have 13 stations consisting of 7 elevated stations and 6 underground stations.

In general, the development progress of MRT phase 1 has reached 86.17 percent per November 26, 2017. From that percentage, the construction progress of the overpass from Lebak Bulus to Senayan has reached 78.37 percent while for the underground channel from Senayan to HI roundabout has reached 93.95 percent. MRT Jakarta has set a target of construction progress to reach 90 to 91 percent by the end of 2017.

On Thursday (12/7), KAORI had the opportunity to see first hand the progress of construction at one of the underground stations being built by MRT Jakarta. The station, the HI Roundabout, is the northernmost station in the South-North subway of phase 1.

When KAORI was visiting the HI Roundabout Station, the workers were busy doing various construction jobs. In general, the works being done were the installation of tiles, electrical networks and the railway.

On the 1st floor of HI Roundabout Station the works included the installation of tiles, air ducts and electrical networks. This floor will become a commercial and ticketing area. Some areas on the 1st floor have been tiled and completed with guiding blocks to help the visually impaired passengers. MRT Jakarta uses the guiding blocks with the same color as the tile which is gray. At one point on a wall there was a sign reads “PI Entrance”. Later, on the wall there will be a door to directly access the Plaza Indonesia from the HI Roundabout Station.

On the 2nd floor of HI Roundabout Station, the works being done were not too different. This floor is a platform area for up and down of the passengers. The platform has been shaped and was being tiled. Meantime the installation of track and railroad switch was also being worked on. On the south side of the station there will a railroad switch to move the train to the other track. (KRN/TPP)