To Accelerate Development of Floating Airport, AP I Plants Thousands of Mangroves in A. Yani Area


JAKARTA, – The Authority of Ahmad Yani Airport Semarang is speeding up the development of floating airport. One of the efforts is plating 24,000 mangrove seedlings in eight locations.

General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I Ahmad Yani International Airport Semarang, Col (Cpn) Maryanto said the planting of mangrove seedlings has been done periodically in the past three years.

On Friday (12/15), the 24,000 mangrove seedlings were planted on the area right under the new building of Ahmad Yani Airport.

“We had already planted 44 000 during in the past three years. Today there are 24,000 more mangroves,” said Maryanto.

“To speed up the mangrove planting, we involve all the stakeholders from the military/police forces, the Tawangmas residents living near the airport, and the mangrove farmers,” he added.

Maryanto said the mangrove planting will be able to preserve the underwater ecosystems around the airport. This will also support the floating airport concept as a development of the new Ahmad Yani Airport.

“This is in accordance with our master plan of floating airport concept,” he explained while showing thousands of hectares of mangrove spreading under the airport.

Once the planting of mangrove seedlings finished, Maryanto said, he will make a tracking path for nature tourism as a supporting facility of the new airport.

He added the AP I had budgeted a special fund to build a water management project, so that the water coming from the Java Sea can flow smoothly to the water treatment plant in the airport.

The sea water then will be processed into clean water to supply the needs of prospective passengers and employees of Angkasa Pura I in the new Ahmad Yani Airport.

“If you only rely on PDAM (state-owned clean water supplier), you will encounter obstacles,” said Maryanto. (BSN/TPP)