The MultiVerse story with Fashion: Endless Universes, Endless Possibilities

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YANGONMyanmarDecember 7, 2017, – MultiVerse Advertising is full-service, independent, Yangon-based agency with offices in SingaporeSan Francisco, and New York, working with global brands like Visa Inc., Nestle, and Carlsberg.

MultiVerse is named after a theory in physics that describes an infinite number of parallel universes with endless possible realities in each — an ethos the firm embraces with all its clients as it leverages integrated multi-channel solutions to achieve difficult marketing goals.

“Collaborating with Barjou to express this philosophy on an artistic level has energized our tagline, ‘Exploring Infinite Possibilities,’ providing a futuristic and modern edge that can be expressed through countless mediums,” said Thom Hayward, MultiVerse Founder.

Successful branding requires being hyper-attentive to what is communicated to every customer touchpoint. For MultiVerse and Barjou, this meant looking at how it could use all aspects of production to convey the brand’s story, from selecting eyeshadow to developing storylines for each segment of the photoshoot that aligned with its specialties, ensuring that every detail reflected the spirit of its namesake theory.

The synergy, which has yielded something that neither could have created on their own, reflects the MultiVerse approach to branding, where each client engagement produces something wholly unique.

“Together we’ve created a truly immersive story that reflects our brand’s point of view, personality, and ambitions,” continued Hayward. (PRN/TPP)