MultiVerse Advertising and Fashion Designer Create Ultimate Immersive Brand Experience


YANGONMyanmarDecember 7, 2017, – MultiVerseAdvertising, Myanmar’s top full-service agency for marketing and branding, has partnered with Myanmar-based fashion designer Charlotte Barjou to reimagine the brand experience.

Barjou, well known for haute couture dresses, has created a series of clothing designs based entirely on the MultiVerse branding elements. The results of this collaboration possibly the first in the region between a fashion designer and a marketing agency will be displayed throughout the MultiVerse website, social media presence, and every other touchpoint between the agency and its audiences, creating the ultimate immersive branding experience.

“Too often branding is thought of as logos, taglines and assorted t-shirts, stationery, but effective branding tells a story through every element of your company’s presence, ” said Thom Hayward, MultiVerse Founder.

“It starts with the first time a potential customer hears about you and carries through to every single interaction. We wanted to create something startlingly unique to express our brand physically, to drive engagement and a sense of wonder,” added Hayward.

Barjou, a French-born fashionista who has been designing since the age of 12, opened up her own brand showroom last year in Yangon, where she both creates and showcases her unique line of women’s clothing.

As a trailblazer in Myanmar fashion, Barjou understands that humans connect with each other through stories and that tales of travels, successes, and struggles form our earliest childhood memories and guide our own biographies. Because of the universality of stories and their ability to encompass both the emotional and the factual, brands can harness them to create a fiercely loyal following that embraces their ethos.

“When Thom reached out I was intrigued because our visions for storytelling through collaborative art forms were in sync,” said Barjou.

“Both high fashion and branding are centered on architecting a narrative that perfectly marries the object of the design — whether that be a person or a brand — to the characteristics that make them unique and compelling,” ended Barjou. (PRN/TPP)