ETERNITY (Entrepreneurship Through Creativity); Start With a Dream, Make It Through Action

President University

CIKARANG, – Students from Communication Study Programme, majoring in Public Relations, Batch 2015 of President University (PresUniv) held an event called ETERNITY (Entrepreneurship Through Creativity) at Charles Himawan Auditorium, PresUniv. ETERNITY was also held to support one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, goal number eight, “Decent Work and Economic Growth” to raise the entrepreneurial spirit for the young generation, Friday (17/11).

The event was participated by 110 students from seven Senior High Schools in Indonesia: SMA Islam Yaspia, SMK Global Mulia, SMAK Tunas Bangsa, SMAN 2 Cikarang Utara, SMA Jaka Sampurna, SMA Tambun Selatan, and SMAN 2 Cikarang Pusat.

The event had three sub-events: Seminar, Workshop, and Idea Challenge Competition. In a seminar about Entrepreneurship after college life, ETERNITY invited Dr (Can) Ir. William Wiguna, M.Pd., CPHR., CBA., CPI. (Founder Careplus Indonesia, a training company) and a young entrepreneur and one of the most inspiring PresUniv alumni, Steven Gouw (Co-founder Rumah Porto, a recruitment centre portal).

President University

Meanwhile, the workshops about entrepreneurship were delivered by David Setionegoro (Founder Solar Teknindo Jaya) and a PresUniv alumni, Raka Masduki Founder Biaji Rengginang (a traditional rice cracker snack from Indonesia). Closing the event, students formed teams and presented their creative ideas in Idea Challenge Competition. The competition won by SMAK Tunas Bangsa, followed by SMAN 2 Tambun Selatan and SMAN 2 Cikarang Utara as the second and the third winner.

“In the future, I hope that the young generation could be aware with the issues around us, we need a real action and contribution for a better life”, said Rivia (Public Relations Student and Project Manager Eternity 2017)

According to Dindin Dimyati, S.Sos., MM (Head of Communications Study Programme) the event was very worthwhile because it was born from a need of the current context of the nation. The country needs creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit from various fields to give birth to many entrepreneurs in the field. Uniquely, as events like this are usually held only for senior high school graduates, ETERNITY was actually held for high school students.

“I do hope that such events that targeting the high school students will be even more held in PresUniv”, said Dindin. (PU/TPP)