First Tracker Designed for Bifacial Module & Certified by CPP, SkySmart Made its Debut in Global Market


SHANGHAIDecember 6, 2017, – Arctech Solar is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and solution providers of solar tracking and racking systems. Through 8 years of development, Arctech Solar has set up manufacturing bases in Kunshan and Changzhou in China and has also set up subsidiaries and service centers in many regional markets such as America, JapanIndia and Europe other than China.

Due to its high energy yield advantage, bifacial modules are becoming widely accepted by the solar PV market. Responding to the trend, Arctech Solar recently launched its innovative SkySmart tracking system.

SkySmart is the world’s first tracker that is specially designed for bifacial modules, and it is also certified by CPP.

Compared to standard tracking systems, there are six significant advantages of SkySmart :

  1. SkySmart owns the industrial record N-S slope 20%, equivalent to 11.3 degrees,
  2. The number of foundations has been reduced,
  3. SkySmart tracking system has a double pitch risk-free drive-through cleaning advantage,
  4. SkySmart is compatible with all commercially available PV modules,
  5. SkySmart is a self-powered system with Li-ion battery as a backup,
  6. SkySmart is the world’s first supplier to apply LoRa-wireless communication technology to trackers.

Including technical indicators mentioned above, when compared with standard tracking systems, what is particularly worth mentioning here is that SkySmart can maximize the value of bifacial modules with Artech Solar’s patented 4 point/6 points bifacial module fast mounting fixing method.

It is a key design that differentiates SkySmart from other manufacturers in the solar PV industry. The newly patented installation method will help clients effectively reduce the module backside shading, accelerates project installation and increases the energy yield (PRN/TPP).