Indonesia 5th Biggest Number in Diabetes Cases, Tropicana Slim Educates 87 Seniors at D’Khayangan


CIKARANG, – Tropicana Slim in collaboration with Senior Living D’Khayangan held a seminar of “Educational Seminar on Good Nutrition Selection for People with Diabetes” at the Care Center of Senior Living D’Khayangan Jababeka, Cikarang, Bekasi, on Tuesday (11/21). The seminar was an education on diabetes prevention.

Brand Associate Tropicana Slim Annice Manthovani said, “Our goal is prevention.It is better preventing than curing.”

According to her, one important target to be educated about diabetes is the elderly or seniors. “They are vulnerable to this condition. It is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility to educate the communities,” she added.

“Why do we emphasize on diabetes? Because Indonesia is the 5th highest in the number of diabetes cases in the world and every year it keeps increasing. The latest information shows diabetesnowadays does not onlyaffect elderly, butalso the youngsters at the age of 20 to 30 years. So,we try to raise awareness to avoid the diabetes as early as possible,” Annice said.

The seminar was attended by 87 participants of the elderly and the younger people as well. The question and answersession of the seminar was livelybecause of so many questions asked by the participants.

The diabetes complication is known as the third leading cause of death in Indonesia. Two of three people with diabetes do not realize they have the condition.

Meantime Head of Business Development of Senior Living D’Khayangan Trisno Muldani said thatsuch a seminar at D’Khayangan is held regularly in every month. “Next we will hold a seminar with a ‘heart doctor’. Healthy can be physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. So,the ‘heart doctor’ in the seminar will explain how to manage our hearts to make us happy,”he explained.

The seminar discussed three types of diabetes.The first type is due to the damage of pancreas. The pancreas is the organ which produces the insulin. The insulin allows your body to use the sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates in the foods consumed as energy or store it as an energy reserve. Insulin keeps your blood sugar level healthy, not too high (hyperglycemia) nor too low (hypoglycemia).

The second type is diabetes due to the lifestyle which causes obesity, like lack of exercises, irregular eating patterns, or under stresstoo often.

The third type is Gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes only affectswomen who are pregnant and will generally heal by itself after giving birth. Pregnancy can cause diabetes when the blood sugar level in the body increases drastically and the body has difficulty to produce enough insulin.

In addition to getting education about diabetes, the participants also got free tests for blood sugar and Body Mass Index (BMI) after the seminar. (TPP)