MCL Cinemas Have Partnered with BookDoc to Reward its User for Staying Active


KUALA LUMPUR, MalaysiaNovember 27, 2017, – MCL Cinemas have just inked collaboration deal with BookDoc in giving more treats to BookDoc users for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Users can now enjoy watching their favorite movie at a discount from MCL Cinemas all across Hong Kong for staying active.

“BookDoc, ACTIV feature does so through positive reinforcement, and with a zero cost of entry. We hope to begin a social fitness movement, bringing in more partners and users, our objective is to encourage the user to live a healthier lifestyle,” said BookDoc Founder and CEO Dato’ Chevy Beh.

The ACTIV feature rewards its users according to their average daily steps, which are tiered at bronze, silver gold and platinum. Being able to sync with other health applications such as Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Jawbone, it enables users to efficiently keep track of their daily exercise and get rewarded for it.

By maintaining a high level of activity, users would also get discounts or freebies from major retailers and service providers, may it be at their home country or cross-country redemption on monthly basis.

“When the application first started, it helps users to locate and arrange their medical appointments, but I believe prevention is better than cure, so that is why BookDoc, Activ feature was launched. Now we have operational presence in four (4) countries and collaboration with reward partners in twelve (12) countries. The objective of this application is to motivate users to start living a healthier lifestyle,” added Beh.

MCL Cinemas’ Marketing Manager, Ms. Winki Liu said, “We are excited about this collaboration opportunity.  To us, it is a new attempt demonstrating how the entertainment and healthcare industry can work well together in perfect synergy. Watching a good movie at leisure time, to many of us, can be inspirational in our pursuit for a healthier lifestyle. MCL is very pleased to share our ticket discount offer to the BookDoc users for their best enjoyment.”

BookDoc app is downloadable for free on the App Store or Google Play Store. BookDoc will have ongoing partnerships with major retailers and service providers every month if users achieve an average-daily-step threshold (PRN/TPP).