Drs. Endang Taryono Talks about the Importance of Intellectual Property Rights at the president university


CIKARANG, presisdnetpost.com – Drs. Endang Taryono, Head of Sub Directorate Valuation and Intellectual Property, Directorate General of Research Strengthening and Development Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) Republic of Indonesia visited President University on Monday (6/11). He led a discussion themed “The Development and Incremental of Intellectual Property among Lecturers in Higher Education”. The event attended by approximately 30 lecturers.

Drs. Endang explained how to get intellectual property rights (HKI) and its procedures in the Ministry. Generally, HKI divided by two sectors; Copyrights and Industrial Copyrights. With 20 years of expiration, one can modify the expired patent and create new patent out of it.


According to Director of Research Institute and Community Service, Dr. Farida Komalasari, M.Si., the purposes of this event are to raise knowledge on the importance of HKI, increase HKI in President University, and raise the lecturers’ interests to conduct research in order to increase publication and intellectual property.

“I hope this discussion can enlighten and motivate to create research and support acquisition of HKI for the sake of individual, institution, and society,” said Endang. (PU/TPP)